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DISCUS / MOSES    Monitoring Tardive Dyskinesia       

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Thursday, December 13, 2018  (9am - 3pm)
Thursday, February 7, 2019 (9am-3pm)



Learn the skills for monitoring the development and progression of tardive dyskinesia (TD).  Tardive dyskinesia is a potentially persistent side effect of
taking antipsychotic (neuroleptic) medications.  TD consists of specific involuntary movements in seven different areas of the body. 

This training course is designed to teach nurses, social workers, and direct care staff to screen for the presence of tardive dyskinesia in all clients taking antipsychotic medication.
  During the course you will learn how to use the DISCUS rating scale, the medical standard used to measure TD. A series of videos enables participants to practice using the DISCUS and demonstrate skills for DISCUS rating.

The MOSES, a general side effect assessment scale for psychotropic medication, is reviewed as well.

Course Fee  $99


1. Discuss information about side effects of psychotropic medications, focusing on tardive dyskineisa.
2. Identify medications that can cause tardive dyskinesia.
3. List the areas of the body involved and the body movements which occur in tardive dyskinesia.
4. Practice the 12 steps of the DISCUS screening procedure.
5. Complete a minimum of 4 (out of 7) accurate DISCUS assessments using video scenarios.

Course Information

    Course materials, refreshments and lunch are included in the course fee
    Pre-registration is required, register early! Class size is limited

    Video/audio recording of courses is prohibited

Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the course.  The course fee will be charged if cancellation is made in less than 24 hours.  Registration is transferable to another person.

About the instructor

Karen Finck, RN, MS, CS, is an expert in psychiatric nursing and president of HCS. An engaging speaker, Ms. Finck lectures throughout Minnesota on mental health topics. She adeptly uses humor and presents real-life anecdotes from her experiences in the field. She provides not only an understandable theoretical framework, but offers practical approaches as well.

Continuing Education

This course provides 5.25 clock hours.

If you are interested in having a course presented at your facility, CLICK HERE to contact Karen Lilla.

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